BOOM – 19 Sleeps


Last year at Christmas our friends Tim and Joan gave us a little Christmas cactus. It had lots of pink flowers when we received it and they stuck around for a month or so.

During spring and summer the poor soul took a turn for the worse and at one point looked like it was on its last legs.

To give it a second chance it was moved to the kitchen window for intensive care and plenty of sun and now happily shares a space beside rosemary and parsley.


Bingo the baby took on a new allure and true to its promise is loaded with buds and ready for the big day.

There is a mixed result on the poinsettias.


The white one from last Christmas kept a white leaf or two throughout the entire year.


Three of the four older red ones are as green as grass.


Today though a little hope dawned with the appearance of two tiny red leaves on the scrawniest of all of them.

All these signs and wonders are brought about by light and are almost totally outside our control.


A good life lesson. Just wait and don’t fuss if it’s mean to be it will happen.

Blessing # 537 – Perfect Timing

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