BOOM – 18 Sleeps


Like many of you perusing recipes is a hobby of mine. We post them we save them but how often do we take the final step and make them?

On the videos everything looks so easy and we dream of being the hostess with the mostest. Our Christmas parties will be filled with delicious home made appetizers and not a drop of sweat will fall from our brows.

It’s never that way for me. I end up  thinking it will be Julia Child’s resurrected and it ends up being Just Chill Gill and bring out buckets of cocktail sausages and cheese cubes.

Today though a recipe for Antipasti Squares I’d scheduled for posting on Buddies appeared and it was so tempting it had to be tried.

Well of course it wasn’t exactly as it appeared in the video.


The crescent rolls as base and top were about half the size they should have been in theory. They didn’t  cover the tray at all.


The rest was easy to layer up and cook.


The end result a bit flat maybe I didn’t stuff them up enough but man those little suckers didn’t taste bad at all according to a certain two legged growing boy!

Will we make them again for parties. Maybe but it will be with big biscuits and not with skinny crescent rolls.

Blessing # 538 – Teenage Appetite

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