BOOM – 16 Sleeps


Scooby has made it clear to Santa what he would like for Christmas.

After a walk in the rain and another since I am soaking she is going to throw me in the sink start to the day he pulled out his chew rope.


This started as an indestructible super strong tug toy about six weeks ago.


It has since gone through multiple transformations going from a rope to something closely resembling a wreath. Very festive work Scooby!


Most of it has been shredded and ingested and it is now in the shape of a ball making it handy to play with even without a partner.


Today though it proved to be insufficient to vent the frustration of having to undergo beauty treatment for the second time in less than two weeks.


So what to do to make your point? Hit the laundry basket of course and shred that woman’s nickers.


Some write notes some leave more subtle suggestions!

Blessing # 540 – Santa’s Smart

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