BOOM – 15 Sleeps


The closer we get to Christmas the more hectic things become. No wonder Santa has to make his lists and check them twice.

There are parties and there is preparation for parties. This week alone we’ll attend four celebration and then on Sunday we’ll host one too.

The clock is ticking on the things we need to make not to mention the shopping. It seems there are just not enough hours in the day.

It can get a bit stressful at times and then before you know it all the excitement will be over.

We all hope though that that clock will keep on ticking. For some perhaps it may not. That’s why we must enjoy every minute  together.

Just this week two things happened that made me stop and think about time.


The first was my trusty steed turning over it’s clock to 100000 miles. That car has been some places in six years. Since we got it Aaron has become a teenager, officially become an adult and started driving himself. It was nearly a write of this summer. Now though it looks like new and we’re hoping it will keep on rolling for many years to come.


The other thing that gave a pause for thought was discovering on Sunday morning that we’d left a candle burning overnight. It probably wouldn’t have caused a fire even if it had burned through. Just a timely little reminder though to double check. Even if it’s burning a little dim each light has the potential to become a blaze.

Blessing # 541 – Present Time

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