BOOM – 8 Sleeps


Today we took things easy. After Tuesday Morning Group we had a leftovers lunch and then a good veg.

Krishna read his book and I watched A Berry Merry Christmas featuring The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cooking with the famous Mary Berry.

The show aired in the UK yesterday but thanks to YouTube we can see it already today. It’s amazing how technology has advanced in such a short space of time. It’s even more amazing that the future King and Queen are sharing stories about their kids and joking about their cooking skill.

They made lots of yummy treats for a reception that representatives of charities and the services had been invited to.

It was really lovely, heartwarming and sincere. The UK is blessed to have this young couple as future heads of state.


Mary Berry is a legend. Queen of Baking we watch her any chance we get. Somethings she makes are for the gifted only and way out of my league but others are worth a try including her festive meringue and berry crown.


We’ll be trying it out this Christmas and even if it turns into an Eton Mess will still wrap our lips around it on the big day.

Blessing # 548 – Noble Nosh

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