BOOM – 9 Sleeps


When it snows during the night and that white blanket accumulates it always wakes me up. Maybe it’s the silence or maybe the brightness the snow brings.

At around two o’clock there was about two inches on the ground and it was snowing heavily so it looked like Aaron was going to have a special treat for his birthday, a snow day off.

No call came though and when Scooby and I went out at six we understood why. The grass was covered but the roads were clear. It was just at that perfect temperature where the grit can fully work it’s magic.

So it was that the birthday boy had to get up and get out as usual. He got a silly dancing dog as his gift because he just can’t decide what he wants.

One thing he was clear about was where he wanted to go for dinner. Olive Garden! Endless salad and breadsticks and tour of Italy it had to be. We all enjoyed as being a Monday there was no wait to get seated and the food was fast and good and plentiful.

Easy then to say cheese and lasagna and tuck into the year to come with gusto.

Blessing # 547 – Our Birthday Boy

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