BOOM- 6 Sleeps


How many of you have started writing to do lists? I sent myself one just now.

We got the groceries today so apart from the things that you always forget, which are usually the most obvious like whipping cream, we’re home and dry on that front.

One thing that’s great about living in the Arctic conditions we are currently experiencing is that the garage serves as a walk in fridge.

Until it gets below -10 C outside all the drinks can stay there and be super chilled when you need one which of course you tend to do at this time of heightened stress.


The Diet Cokes are being consumed by the gallon. Don’t know what it is about that drink but it calms my nerves just like cigarettes used to do. Anyone else feel that too?

Back to shopping. Gotta go get Gifts!  Know what the friends are getting, have an idea for Krishna, Scooby’s simply but that lad won’t give us any clues. If you’ve an idea please let me know as I’m hitting the mall tomorrow to go berserk!

Secretly looking forward to that. Christmas just wouldn’t be fun without a bit of hustle and bustle loaded down with bags and a sneaky stop at Starbucks before sorting some stocking stuffers

Blessing # 550 – Goodies Galore

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