BOOM – 5 Sleeps


It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been to the mall. May even have been last Christmas. There was a good crowd of people but not to the point were it was scary.

The stores looked a bit cluttered and quite messy and the decorations weren’t great either.

You hear a lot today about how the big retail outlets are suffering because of online shopping. You’d think if that’s the case they would go all out to make the shopping experience as special as possible. Maybe they need to cut costs but they better be careful because this certainly wasn’t ideal.


After just two hours, during which there was no success in finding what was wanted for Krishna, and without buying a single thing the mall was abandoned for the ever faithful tried and trusted Marshall’s.

There, after just a quick wizz around, everything needed was found under one roof.

Of course if I’d gone there directly I wouldn’t have been satisfied that I got the best options.


Talk about the grass being greener just call me the Grinch!

Blessing # 551 – Simplest Solutions

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