BOOM – Dogslife 5


Miserable  is the only way to describe today if you are a dog like Scooby who likes to be outdoors.

No human right in their mind is going to walk far in rain like this. We dodged in between the downpours for a quick trot but Scooby had that depressed droopy dog look most of the day.


He took to his little kennel for a while moped around the kitchen and eventually resigned himself to the sofa for a sleep.

It’s certainly not our mood that was rubbing off on him. Krishna was happy as a clam, me too come to think of it. I was following all the latest on TV and YouTube about the royals and glad of the excuse to concentrate on this. Aaron was only home for twenty minutes after school before he went to work so it was nothing to do with him.


Conclusion? Scooby like all dogs can have their own little down days. They do so much to lift our moods maybe it’s because they empathize with us because they know what it’s like to feel low.


Maybe a little chicken chew will do the trick to put a smile on his face after all who wants a grumpy guy on a Friday

Blessing # 573 – Down not Out

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