BOOM – Dogslife 7

Our house can be like a circus at times. Suppose that’s true of most homes. Today on the stroke of midnight all hell broke loose. Alarms starting going off all over.

I’d been sound asleep since ten so when I woke up my first thought was tornado! Scooby was going berserk when Aaron rushed into our room to let us know the popcorn he’d been cooking in the microwave had gone on fire.

Krishna and Scooby had waited for him to come home from work at 11:30 and as he’d headed off for the basement they’d come to bed. His plan was to settle down with a big bowl of popcorn and watch TV. Instead we had a little run around.

After a minute of all alarms ringing the security company called to see if we were OK or if we needed the fire brigade. Aaron had doused the fire and it was out by then so we declined the offer!

That didn’t mean the episode was over. We had to get the alarms stopped and reset the system. So there were a lot of frantic ups and downs and round and rounds. Fortunately Krishna could quickly lay his hand on the deactivation codes. It felt like an hour but in a matter of minutes we were all back to square one.


Scooby had had a hair raising  experience though. He stuck to me like a limpet. Think he needed a little reassurance all was well.


It was a tad toasty and getting back to sleep challenging. One thing was obvious though burnt popcorn is better than Febreeze! Best eliminator ever of wet dog whiff!

Blessing # 575 – Air Freshener

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