BOOM – Ratty 3

A New Year would not be a New Year without a few resolutions. So this Chinese New Year where better to look for some thought provoking guidance than the philosopher Confucius.

He was born around 550 BC in a middle class family went on to marry, have children and progressively become more influential within local government and as a teacher.

He has touched and guided the culture not just in China but across Asia from Japan to Tibet.


One of his followers once asked him if he had to sum up his belief in one word what that would be and he answered RECIPROCITY! Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself!

He was also a firm believer in the need to find contentment.

Are you content? I’m not but I am improving and no longer constantly searching for novelty and change.

Think for just a moment about a person you know who embodies contentment.

After some reflection the person who came to my mind was someone I worked with in Switzerland. His name is Jacques and he and I are almost exactly the same age. He was always so thankful for his life for his wife and kids his work and always seemed to find joy in the simplest things. I don’t think I ever heard him say a bad word about anyone.

So what is the secret to contentment? Modesty is probably a good starting place.

A54F36C0-59E1-443D-AC7C-42176E885226A little quiet time perhaps?


Or maybe just finding more to laugh about.

Blessing # 590 – Going for Gladness 

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