BOOM – Ratty 5

Last night my attempt to produce an authentic version of the Sichuan specialty Ma Pao Tofu bombed. It looked grey and insipid compare to the recipe picture. Maybe because I held back on the chili oil because a certain young man doesn’t like it hot!

Today that same person has work this evening so he has to through something into himself between work and school. So I have to make something that he’ll like but that will hold for Dad and me till later in this evening as were fed up eating dinner at 3:30!


Chinese food doesn’t hold that well so Irish Stew in the crock pot it had to be! Very fitting too as it was also the cultural fair at school and Aaron as usual, rather than taking Chinese things, took all his Irish rugby gear and paraphernalia!

Wednesday is our trash pick up day and because of that this stew really got going really early. It was in the slow cooker by 7:00.

The reason? Well I have a confession to make and am interested to know if other people are like me. When it’s trash day I will do things like drink any extra milk in the bottle just so I can bin the package. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession to clear things out. Sort of the opposite of those people who hoard things. I gotta get rid of straggly stuff and if I find a bottle or box with just a little bit in it I get mad as a hatter.

Thats why making stew on trash day feels so good to me because I can get rid of all those potato, carrot and onion peels rather than have them hang around fermenting for a whole week.


There must be a name for this type of behavior. My Mom was like this too only she took it to the extreme  and cleared out the whole fridge. Mind you it was about the quarter size of ours and she’d turn it off and scrub it with baking soda too!

As yet the clear out hasn’t extended to a clean up but as I continue to morph into my Mum it most likely will.

Blessing # 592 – Scrapless

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