BOOM – Ratty 10

With the ring safely back where it belongs in the jewelry box the washing of the gems in the rough got started.

This is such a joy finding these little beauties and then seeing how well they look when they are all cleaned up. They take over the kitchen for a while though!

It feels so good to think that these once loved items will one day find a chance to be loved again. They are selected on the basis of their appeal to me. I’m not going after one particular category which is maybe not the way to work. It might be their color or the fineness of the work. Somehow though they all seem to look good together and now you’ll laugh they look happy!

There is always the chance they’ll suffer an injury during their facelift or on their journey to the store but with this lot of lovelies all went well and they are now on the shelf waiting patiently for their new family to take them home.

Blessing # 598 – Safely Gathered In

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