BOOM – Ratty 9

After the bread drop yesterday Krishna and I went to an estate sale in downtown Columbus. We were hoping to stock up for the store and we weren’t disappointed. We got a huge amount of lovely things three boxes full to be precise.

Thrilled with our success we got home to find that Aaron had surfaced, been out shopping too and spent three times more than we had buying a fancy speaker for his iPhone.

As he was explaining the intricacies of this piece of hardware to me I was taking off my jewelry in preparation for diving into the sink to wash my haul. That’s when my heart sank. My wedding ring was gone!

Maybe I dropped it when Scooby jumped on me so I scrambled around the floor and even moved chairs to look for it. No! Maybe it was in my pocket. No! Maybe I didn’t even put it on. Check the jewelry box. No!

By now I was almost sick and I was praying. Please please please let me find it. Not in the car either! Should I go back to the house where we bought the things!

I didn’t say a word to Krishna or Aaron and decided the only thing to do was bite the bullet and accept the loss.


How you might ask could this have happened. Well you see my fingers  were so thin all those years ago that I now have to wear the ring on my pinkie finger.

It must have fallen off when I was helping pack the things we bought.

I could have cried but instead I got down to the business of  unpacking all the time praying I might find it.

On the third box a miracle happened. I heard a little ping and out of the newspaper came the little ring.

Talk about relief it was like winning the lottery and I have to say when I explained to Krishna he was happy too!

Blessing # 597 – Lost is Found

3 Replies to “BOOM – Ratty 9”

  1. I can imagine your upset and distress! Miracles do happen. I share your joy and thanks in finding the ring. (I had to have mine cut off my ring finger and enlarged to fit to continue to wear on my ring finger.)


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