BOOM – Ratty 12

Aaron’s got the sniffles so had the day off school. Poor dragon is in his den!


That’s a good place to be as it’s dull and cloudy and to make matters worse there is freezing rain again. It’s can look lovely though as you see in this pic by friends Sandy and Brian of their bird house.


The four legged boy still needs out regardless and while we were sniffing and strolling cautiously we appreciated the beauty an ice storm brings. Mom can even take some pics too or keep her hands in her pockets as smarty Scooby’s skilled at holding his own leash!

On the trees and bushes the droplets of ice look like tiny diamonds and really sparkle.

This year for the first time we’re seeing how our ornamental grass looks when it’s glazed too.


Krishna cannot stand these plants at the end of our driveway. He usually has them chopped as soon as summer is over. This year though, after some petitions on my part, he let them stay.

They do look like straw but offer some movement and texture in an otherwise evergreen scene.

I know they harbor a few little chipmunks. Given the amount of attention Scooby pays them they may hide some other little rodents too! Well what else would you expect? After all didn’t we Irish breed the Wheaten to catch such critters. Will You Go Ratty Go!

Blessing # 600 – Natures Jewels

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