BOOM – Ratty 13


The penultimate day of the two week Chinese New Year celebration was a lucky one!

We’ve been waiting some time to be able to say We Got A Snow Day. It happened today. 

Aaron was already awake when school rang to announce the closure. He’d got an email himself with more good news. His application for THE Ohio State University had been accepted.

He is delighted and of course so are we. All he has to do is finish the last months at high school!

It’s such a big milestone in life going off to college and this is the first major step. It’s scary in a sense unless you are certain what you want to do and Aaron isn’t so sure.

All we can do is advise him to make sure he does something he loves. He’s always enjoyed history so he’ll most likely start with that as a major.

The system here is great though as you can do something quite general for the first year like liberal arts and then decide after the first year what to major in so maybe he’ll do that instead.

So many things to think about and decisions to make. It will take more than a snow day to do that! Maybe an ancient Chinese sage could help! In the meantime he’s off to work at the bakery!

Blessing # 601 – Fortune Cookies

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