BOOM – Lent 9


When we take our afternoon walk Scooby often meets the kids getting off the school bus. He loves to say hi and so do they. Today was beautiful so we also got to see them having fun in the sun.

On our two mile circuit we saw all sorts of activities going on. Soccer balls were out and so were basketballs.

Some boys were practicing for next years ice hockey season improvising by using roller blades on their tarmac drive.

Other lads had a tennis racket out using it as an alternative to a baseball bat. Hard to imagine why they needed to do that but who cares if it works!

Some older kids had their dirt bikes out while a little girl about five looked on longingly.


The whole neighborhood was busy and full of life. That sunshine really does what ever Mum and Dad hopes for, it gets the kids outside and doing what they do best PLAY!

Blessing # 627 – Fresh Air Fix

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