BOOM – Lent 8

While Scooby and I were doing a bit of work on the computer yesterday we were listening to our favorite Ulster radio station U105.

The program was Jerry’s Jukebox and one of the songs played was a hit from the seventies by a group called the Buzzcocks.


The tune Ever Fallen in Love With Someone has been in my head all day. Can’t say it was one of my favorites or if I’d even have been able to remember who sang it but it sure is catchy.


Got me thinking of all the great pop songs back then and also of the absolutely fantastic gear there wore and we copied.

We started the decade with hot pantsuits. My mother loved them not on her of course but on me and bought me many pairs. In particular I remember a lemon one that had a wrap around skirt too. You could do an ABBA trick and whip it off if you were fast enough!

After the exposure with hot pants legs were covered up as we moved to long bell bottoms.

They looked best worn with platform shoes that were beyond imagination in their height and awesomeness and made you walk like a young elephant. They were quite comfortable though and looked particularly ravishing when paired with the cropped tartans that the Bay City Rollers ushered in.


Kids today like our Aaron really have missed out on so much when it comes to fashion. It does your heart good to wear crazy clothes. So colorful and since sugar is on the mind at the minute so SWEET.


Can’t imagine Aaron with long hair mind you! Now Scooby that’s a different story! Those waves!!!!

Blessing # 626 – Shang a Lang!

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