BOOM – Lent 11

The sky and air are so clear this afternoon that the moon in all its glory looks like a great big balloon.

The contrasting beauty of our dear satellite in this sea of blue draws the eye upward and unwraps a whole array of sights that otherwise might not be seen.


Take for example the height of the huge cottonwood trees that grow on the road close to our home. Nothing on the scale of a redwood but man they must be well over a seventy feet high. Even if you strain your neck right up to the moon you just cannot see their top.

Trees of all sort surround us in our local woods. The houses in our neighborhood have been built into them. They are the home to many birds. The cute colored ones that make us feel warm and fuzzy but also those grizzly buzzards that gazing upwards we saw today.

With no leaves around nests are visible too. Many are high at the tip of the trees, others in safe little branch junctions much closer to the ground. How does a bird choose its tree? What makes one better than another? It’s hard to believe it’s all down to chance.

Who knows? Could it be they too looked up at that moon and simply just choose the best view.

Blessing # 629 – Seeing the Light

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