Wagging Tail – 10


Many humans like Friday best but my preferred day of the week is Wednesday. You see it is trash day in my neck of the woods and that means super sniffing stuff.

It’s particularly fun when it’s been windy as the trash bins fall over making it easy to stick the nose in. Ma objects to me retrieving items from the trash but man there is so much at the minute I’m in heaven.

As it’s Earth Day today I’m making a pitch for waste reduction and recycling. There are so many good things to do with things you might otherwise throw out.

Of course you can feed scraps to souls like me but Ma is not convinced bones are beautiful. I’ve inspired her today though to use an empty egg box to make little seed trays.

Don’t they look perfect. We’ll be planting soon!

I also have asked her to make some cookies to celebrate our big blue marble but she said she hasn’t the food color. Any excuse! If you do here’s the recipe.


Hope they are yummy and that when all this lockdown is over we’ll still see as clearly

Blessing # 674 – Blue Skies Ahead


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