Wagging Tail – 9

My Ma left me home yesterday to get our essential groceries. I was so disappointed she didn’t take me as I do love to ride in the car and bark at shoppers when she parks.

She went out again today and again she didn’t take me. She came home with a new leash for me and a million pooper bags! She needs a memory supplement for herself!

After walking with my new leash, that is meant for a heavy weight but can’t hold me back, she was in need of a snack. So she broke into one of yesterday’s purchases.


I sucked up to her and to Dad who also had some of these crunchies.


Dad folded easily! She eventually cracked and gave me some.

Man these things are truly awesome. So powerful. Talk about a wake up call they are like an earthquake. I needed a tsunami of water afterwards.

The consequence is I’m now bursting to get out again but she’s having none of it. Just have to keep giving paw and hoping for the best

Blessing # 673 – Sharing Treats

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