Wagging Tail – 14

My bro was starting at 7:00 am so Ma and me were up at 6:00. The advantage of the early start was we got to tune in to the Rev Merv at Holy Trinity back in Ballylesson NI.  I’ve not been there in person yet but my Ma speaks highly of the place. See there’s a fine lamppost!

We went for a walk in the rain and got soaked. When we came home we watched Pastor Larry and the crew from Powell United Methodist. Who’d have thought I’d go to Church twice in the one day! Bet a bone I’m not alone either!


I sit real quite in my pew and listen intently too. There’s a lot of talk about being kind and showing how much we love each other that I completely understand. In fact I’m gifted in that regard!


I’m also good at spotting squirrels as you know. Since Ma won’t take me out I’ve taken up indoor hunting. Today I struck gold. I pointed rather than barked and Ma saw me and got my pic and the squirrels too. It was on our back fence eating a nut or something.

The pic Ma took is not great as she had to get it through our screen but still it’s shows I’m super smart!

Hoping for my efforts she’ll give me a drop of that sweet smelling strawberry stuff she’s been making this morning. It’s some sort of traditional Sunday treat she says her own Ma made. It’s a surprise for the bro but as there’s a bucket load of it am praying I’ll get lucky!

Blessing # 678 – Triflingly Times

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