Wagging Tails – 15

There’s been so much talk over the past few days about disinfectants and cleaning products it must have rubbed off on my Ma. The fact that we almost had a grease fire last night when she was frying burgers may also have had some impact!

We were hardly out of bed when she started I just about got out for a pee! She emptied the dish washer and started breaking up the stove and sticking it inside it.

It got worse after she’d been fortified with that black liquid she brews each morning. Once she downed that she ripped the rest of the stove up and started spraying all the bits with this stinky stuff.

She was scrubbing like a crazy person and all the while I was watching because I was sure she’d tackle me next. I was a bit musty after all that rain yesterday.

Sure enough the dreaded can came out. Trust me this is capable of transforming the most viril superhero into a whimp.

She wasn’t fast enough though I got under that table just in time and stuck fast till it was time to go meet Auntie Lori!

By the time we got back she was so fixated with putting her stove back together and singing the praises of that grease buster to Dad that she totally forgot about my wig! That’s one up to me and the weeks just starting!

Blessing # 679 – Clean Cuts


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