Wagging Tail – 103

I have discovered what my Ma says is one of the joys of summer. A good feed of watermelon after a day of exertion in the heat.

My girlfriends stopped by earlier for a romp around the yard and then I went to Aunties Carolina this afternoon.

This stuff is very red and sweet and juicy and I got two big pieces all for myself to enjoy.

Ma says it’s like cucumber but I disagree. Cucumber is blah and tastes like nothing at all and it looks insipid too. It gives Dad belly ache but Ma eats it in copious quantities in all sorts of combinations you may find strange but she claims are super!

Aaron says Ma is like Leticia Cropley from The Vicar of Dibley. If you are not familiar with her talents you can google them and will be sure to have a good laugh.

Occasionally Ma does turn out something to recipe like her Parmigiana of last night. It’s rare though because she has no patience.

As long as she Shares  The Love I don’t mind one bite!

Blessing # 767 – Mixing it Up

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