Wagging Tail – 102

Things are really hotting up with the property plan. Ma went to Yoga this morning and the stretching must have got the blood flowing to her brain again because as soon as she walked through the door she tells Dad she’s got it! It has nothing to do with Archimedes you’ll be relieved to hear!

As we were dodging showers she fortunately got me out for my constitutional before elaborating on her ideas. I was deeply thankful and to make matters even better she took me to town for my trot!

Anyway as soon as we returned she starts drawing. I just sat and watched. She tells Dad #288 is going to combine everything she loves. There will be a tea-room, a gym for Yoga, Pilâtes and Zumba that will also serve as a Function room for bridal rehearsal dinners, showers and so on. There will be five studio apartments and wait for it a library for Dad and an expo of all sorts of art and curios.

E7177CF3-0D4C-46DF-9B40-BD8A1F178DD5You can’t fault her for dreaming big. I just nod and try not to look to  bored by it all. Too much drama!

So when she has the drawing done she needs to cool her mind so she takes off for the pool. She’s no sooner away than the heavens open. Thinking it would just be a shower she diverts into Goodwill but had the princely sum of 56 cents in the car with her!

Fear not y’all she was not to be beaten by that. She snagged a little lovely for 27 cents. Of all things a tea cup and she has the plate to match it already. Destiny!

Meanwhile the rain continues so she had to stay where she was which gave rise to much more browsing but no buying as there was nothing she liked for 29 cents.

Eventually the rain subsided so she was able to get to the car and home to tell Dad about all she’d seen. I got dumped and off they went only to return four hours later.

Suffice to say significant inroads have been made in sourcing the artwork for the latest venture. They even got an original by a local artist.


Dad was smiling too. Ma found him a brand new never used food processor for $15 and he had spied brand new Levi’s for Aaron.

As soon as the bro walked in Dad insisted he take him back to look at the jeans and home they came with two pairs.

I got nothing but herself has put chicken parmigiana in the oven so I’m confident if I look sad enough about being neglected she’ll give me a few morsels.

Blessing # 766 – Auspicious Finds

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