Wagging Tail – 105

Believe me the only thing to do on a day like this is get your job done as fast as possible.

Ma took pity on me and took me for a ride to compensate for the limited outings. Ideal for me.

We went into town and did a quick loop around the village green. It wasn’t without adventure.

I got to chase a Harley all the way home. I love when the traffic lights go red and we stop behind them. As soon as they move I let out my very biggest and boldest bark. It is especially fun if the biker jumps.


Both the biker and our car had to drive over a dead skunk. Skunks are smelly enough when alive but when crushed by a Harley they are  really unbelievably awesome.

Natural smelling salts just what you need to give you a boost and a rêve up.

Now I’m exhausted so adieu mes amis! I’m going to chill!

Blessing # 769 – Being a Stinker

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