Wagging Tail – 106

You know most mornings we go to the park. It seems the critters who live there have got to know me.

This morning the ducks were out in force and I was honored with some very special treatment.

One Daddy Duck left the flock or whatever collective term you like to use. He came right up to me. Next thing you know his wife starts moving towards the bank and behind her come her new little brood of six ducklings.


They looked so little and one seemed a more timid than others but the Mama duck waited for him and he joined the rest to come say « Hi ».

You may not believe all this but it is gospel and Auntie Lori saw it all as well as Ma and was amazed. Thanks to her for the pictures.

So you see even if you look fierce and are a great huge scary furry thing tiny ones know that your just a great big sugar cookie at heart!

Blessing # 770 – Trust

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