Wagging Tail – 117

My Ma was working today so left us men folk alone to hang out. It was mostly Pa and me!

See, the bro emerged at midday, ate something, left, returned with more food, ate that and left again!

He left the remnants scattered around the living room and that caused fury in Ma when she returned. Why the x$&@ can he not put his mess in the trash can!

She had been feeling all chuffed with herself because she found a little treasure at the thrift store for her tea-room on the way home.

Seems it quite a rare little piece and the colors are fab.

She hoping if she rubs it maybe a genie will jump out of it and clear up after the bro. She says I’m tidier  than him.

All I can do is say I love him messy or not and watch for him till he comes home

Blessing # 781 – Aladdin

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