Wagging Tail – 119


I’ve got a fan on the west coast. Her name is Nala and she wrote to me last night to say I was late with my blog. Cute kitty! Well I’m late again tonight because the secretary has just returned from work. Women!


The same lady hauled me out of bed before dawn so she could hang out with me for some time and watch her Church in Ireland. They do tell some good jokes there though. Worth getting up for!

She likes to take selfies but I find that boring I’d much rather watch the action than pose for pics.

She took me for a short trot before going to our church here. She and auntie Lori were a double act on the doors.


Alas I was not allowed otherwise Lori would have brought me treats. She is such a smart lady.

When Ma came home it was hot as hades so rather than walking me again she took me down to Josie and Georgia’s so I could run around their yard. Love those girls.

Off she went again to work and is just back. Thought it was about time I gave her a smile and said CHEESE. Should keep her happy for an hour or too! Might earn me a treat or two too!

Blessing # 783 – Digital Cameras


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