Wagging Tail – 121

Auntie Lori came round this morning in her red convertible and I thought for a moment I was getting to go for a ride with the top down. She got out though gave me my treats and her and Ma took me for a quick trot. They then took off like a Thelma and Louise leaving me stranded with Dad.

Their intentions were good though they were off to plot for the new establishment.

First they sussed out the house and then explored the history of the town including all the Harding history.

Auntie Lori you will glad to hear thinks Ma made a good decision and that the house is fabulous and totally suited to her new tea-room and treasure venture.

All the thinking made them hungry so they went to lunch and at the place where they ate they explained to the owner about the plan. The lady was really lovely and said she did catering and even gave them free desserts to taste!

Onwards and upwards they went shopping and discovered a GREAT boutique with beautiful dresses and best of all a girl for me.

She is, wait for it a TEACUP Yorkie. No bigger Ma says that my face but very sweet and loving.

Her human owns the dress store, in fact she owns the whole building so she is well connected and ready to help us make a success of our business.

SWEET really really SWEET

Blessing # 785 – Old & New Friends

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