Wagging Tail – 123

Today was awesome! I cannot say enough good things about my Ma and I’ll have to report on all our adventures in several episodes.

After she’d done her OOM at yoga I  couldn’t believe my ears! At only 9:00 am she said let’s go car!

When she packed my mini water bowl and a big bottle of aqua vita I knew I was in for a treat.

First stop the beach. Apart from a few men fishing, birds and a family with two dogs we were all alone. So she takes off my leash and lets me run. Man was I glad we had that water.

Thinking that was it I was just getting ready to relax on the way home when herself takes a right turn instead of a left.

Mystery Tour Time.

We drive for thirty minutes and then pull up at this old house in a place I’ve never been. We get out, we unlock the door and we go inside. No one there except us!

We walked all around and even got to go upstairs. That’s when the light dawned! This is the place of my new employment. Better get straight to work and bark a bit!


Just don’t let her sell me even if someone does ask « how much is that doggie in the window ». As a safety measure I’ll maybe need to stop wagging my tail!

Blessing # 787 – My Responsibility

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