Wagging Tail – 125

It’s official I’m considered a LARGE  dog! Of course I knew this all along. Read on to find out why!

Herself felt an obligation to take me for an outing this afternoon as she was away till three thirty.


She had to go to the “project” to get a quote on the replacement of awnings. What in the name of the wee man are Awnings? Yawning yes but AWNING!

Now the big question is what color? Don’t ask me I’m color blind but you can help decide on black or burgundy or something else. I’m just puzzled why it’s important at all.

So after excuses about several diversions on the way home to hit Estate Sales and buy more material for the tea-room, in other words fill the garage with yet more junk, she arrives and off we go.

Dog park heaven. Millions of dogs and after a while in the small dog area she diverts me into the large dog area. I’ve made it at last!


Now don’t ask me why but there was a corgi in the large area. small dog! Even if the Queen rates them I felt obliged to assert myself when she came near my Mum.

You’ll be happy to hear that later I was really lovely to her and also to a baby Labrador but sometimes you just gotta be bold!

Blessing # 789 – Self Assurance 

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