Wagging Tail – 129

Ma has walked me so much she made a hole in her flip flop. Talk about down at heal.

The result is she got blisters with her new ones today and was in agony so our evening walk was short and sweet.

There have been endless calls and discussions about the project. I’m sick of it already. Red or black? Who cares if you’re color blind!

Worse still two strange men arrived here and started messing around with things in our own house. They are painting, replacing ripped screens, redoing grouting and various other touch ups that haven’t been handled for years. Making us look great getting in my way I say!

There is no mercy not a minute to get a snooze.

I gave herself the evil eye at lunchtime so she gave me a piece of peach. Never had peach before.

Sure makes the mouth water.

Blessing # 793 – New Tastes and New Looks

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