Wagging Tail – 131

It was terribly quiet around the house today but overall enjoyable. No fighting not a single scream!

Ma and I got up really late and met Auntie Lori to feed the ducks.

I get involved so none of them takes a run at her. She is so good to me and has my treats ready each morning when I ring her door bell.

On our outing I found a few perfect little acorns that Ma says she’s going to plant at the project. From little acorns mighty oak trees grow. Ever hopeful my Ma!

When we got home she took off and returned with a real stash of stuff. Old table clothes and more pictures! She won’t need to paint the walls at all.

She also reports to finding a teapot without a lid that is going to be a flower vase. Well what else? She left it at the project to stake its claim.

I’m going up soon to check our the place to make sure she is taking wise decisions but that teapot sure looks good on that shelf.

Blessing # 795 – Oldies that are Goodies

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