Wagging Tail – 138

We got rain! It started at 11:15 and has been going on in fits and starts ever since! Torrents! We are so happy.

The thunder has been spectacular. Of course we can’t see the lightening in the daytime but I still keep an eye on the storm. Another of my talents. Weather watcher!

Mother has taken to the snacks early tonight. She usually saves the munching for after dinner but she is stressed and needed spice! Absolutely nothing to do with storms at least not the heavenly type.

The quotes are coming in for the project and they are very much more aligned with Dads predictions rather than her own. She is pursing the lips and making her fierce face.

I claimed a nibble but given her mood withdrew fast.
Way too spicy anyway!

Trail mix! Better make it Trail Maker Ma. You’re going to need the cash.

Light a few more candles! Very much in keeping with the period of the building. Who needs electricity and heating anyway!

Blessing # 802 – Estimates!

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