Wagging Tail – 137

None of you commented on my joke in yesterday’s blessing for the day of the dog? Blessing-Teeth-Canine- Dog! I’m so smart aren’t I! Could have been a code buster in a previous life!

The incisors were used today to nosh a big apple. Herself was chopping up the old ones that were going a bit withery and there were more than she could fit in the salad bowl. A case in point (canine again) for my cup running over.

You need to put the paw down sometimes to get that little bit of extra attention. It really worked for me today.

For the first time in a long time I got to have a fine siesta too while herself relaxed for an hour scrolling through her Facebook.

She’d been to the project to meet the architect this morning. He was a bit concerned she was getting ahead of herself but now they are on the same page. He seems like a sensible sort.

On the way back she cleaned up her booth at the antique mall ready for adding some new stock for fall and then did the groceries so was feeling very self righteous.

She even got me a nice piece of ham for my dinner. That won’t need much chewing I’ll just wolf it down.

Blessing # 801 – Cured (think about it, it’s another one of my hidden messages!)

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