Wagging Tail – 146

I’ve been out cruising with my Ma and Pa today.

We went way out into the depth of the countryside to see if we could find some treasures at barn sales.

Dad was the first to strike gold. This doesn’t happen often as he is fussy.

He loves old maps and such and was very happy he found one. It’s about the Battle of Sinsheim that took place on June 16, 1674. Its a chalcographie from The Louvre and had seen better days but he snagged it for a big dollar. He is all chuffed with the detail!

It was in the trunk flat and secure until I saw a motorbike. That got me so excited I jumped right into the trunk and onto the map. The language was colorful kinda like the flower pot Ma found.

How was I to know a piece of dirty old paper meant to much to my Pa!

I’m forgiven now and looking forward to my big day tomorrow.

Wonder was that why we made that stop at Trader Joe’s for all that fizzy stuff Ma guzzles.

Just as long as I get meat I don’t mind!

Blessing # 810 – Paper and Plonk

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