Wagging Tail – 148

My secretary had just taken up her thumb to write my daily bulletin when the alarm sounded. Tornado.

So as we wrote we waited and listened and watched. It was like night and pouring.

We are lucky to have a basement.

Latest news a tornado is reported to have touched down in Delaware about ten miles from us and there is flooding.

It’s Labor Day and that means the end of summer so many people will be out. We texted the bro to make sure he listens for his local weather at Uni and takes shelter too as it’s moving his way. He didn’t answer us so we FaceTimed him and we were happy to see he is in the dorm with his roommates.

I’ll still keep an eye on the situation but seems the worst is passed for us here let’s just hope it keeps well away from the bro!

Blessing # 812 – Sirens

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