Wagging Tail – 149

Just after we posted our tail last night we were struck by lightning.

Never in the twenty four months that I’ve spent on this planet was I so scared. My Ma and Pa were too.

There was a crack like you would not believe and the TV sounded like it exploded.

Good news is we did not get hurt and the house did not go on fire.

We lost the landline phone, the router but not the modem so we have no internet, one TV and the garage door openers.

The garage doors are fixed at a cost of $800 so Ma was able to get out and so is writing this for me from Spectrum where she has gone to get a new router and modem combined.

TV will be the next stop and then the landline phone.

I am patiently waiting for her return.

Blessing # 811 – Surge Protectionb

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