Wagging Tail – 165

Ma ran out of her usual breakfast cereal so she had to go back to porridge. Heaven help me she better go shopping soon.

That stuff is potent. It gave her all this energy and she took it out on me.

She doesn’t realize my poor feet suffer on those gravel paths. I thought this one would never end.

We went back in time passing ancient prehistoric earthworks and also climbed to the top of a burial mound that dates back thousands of years. It was built by the Adena tribe.

We got to thinking about all the people and puppies who walked this Cayote Trail. Wonder what they were fueled with? Probably one of those fish and egg regimes.

Just imagine though the footprints they left behind. A tad deeper than those I left in our car!

It’s enough to give you an appetite even for something as stodgy as oats!

Blessing # 827 – Ancient Ways

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