Wagging Tail – 164

Dad and I had to take care of ourselves most of the day as herself was at « the project ». We relaxed while she went nuts.

She had to meet the plumber to discuss possibilities for three well sinks, hand washing sink, mop sinks, handicap toilets and various other pipes and traps that all sound terrible troublesome.

Never did making a cup of tea and dishing up a scone with a drop of jam and cream ever seem so impossibly complicated or costly!!

The plumper it seems was encouraging though so that spurred her on to the kitchen supply store to look at the options.

The outcome for me meant a short walk this evening as she’s going out again tonight.

It worked out well though as she gave me the gravy that oozed out of the burgers she fried for her and Dad.

Grease traps eat your heart out. I’ll just do a few down dogs!

Oh and I forgot to tell you she’s all delighted because the electrician is working at getting her fire exit signs and smoke alarms set up!

Doesn’t take much to make her happy!

Blessing # 826 – Ins and Outs

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