Wagging Tail- 167

Feels like summer is back in full force. Tad toasty today.

This morning I though Ma was never going to take me out. She started cleaning. That’s a rare event but when the force strikes her she moves from one place to another like a tornado.

Finally she was ready to go when she noticed a plate holder had no plate. That had to be sorted swiftly. So she dug into her Autumn collection and took out a pretty one Auntie Laura bought her some years ago.

It’s framed by her Granny Barr’s twin China dogs so she had to send a pic of it to Laura to show how well it looked.

This got her thinking of her Granny so when we were out that’s what she was doing as we walked and walked and walked some more.

All of a sudden she stops dead and says « that’s it at last I’ve got it, you remind me of Nora ». Well thanks Ma that’s a real complement! A butch guy like me looks like a gal!

As soon as we got home she digs in this really old photo album. Seems as a little girl her Daddy bought her a dog to push so she could practice walking.

The dog name well what else but Nora. It is everywhere in early pics of herself and her parents and here is the connection with her Granny Barr too!

OK I do see a slight resemblance!

It didn’t end there though. It wouldn’t be the weekend if we didn’t rummage. Believe it or not we found a twin for the doggie door stop she found a few weeks ago only this one is meant for the smallest room!

Three sets of twins in one morning can only spell one thing! Snap!

Blessing # 829 – Dogs Days

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