Wagging Tail – 168

This morning my beloved Auntie Lori gave Ma a beautiful gift. It underlines something she has heard my Ma say almost ever day that we go walking together.

I totally endorse the opinion and know this will feature prominently in our kitchen or on the wall at the project.

This afternoon I was left cooking with Dad as the bro and Ma went to an auction. They weren’t away too long as the bro got bored.

Still it was a successful trip. The first table for the tea-room was purchased for an unbelievable sum of $2 and a few extra little treasure that were on top of it found their way home for 100 cents!

An old mirror got dissected and was given a makeover. We really need some different color paint. It looks good though on the rétro table!

A very old baptismal record in a very old frame got a good dusting down and cleaning.

If anyone is of the Kochler clan from Sandusky Ohio contact us to meet your ancestor William Henry born June 1881 and Baptized December 3rd.

Finally, since we are nothing if not eclectic we now have also a music score featuring Rita Hayworth.

Which Ma says kinda takes us back to the start of the day!

Who else could this be for in her heart but little old me!

Blessing # 830 – Mummy’s Boy

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