Wagging Tail – 173

You gotta hope that it’s only once in a blue moon that your house gets hit with lightening.

The strike is teaching us a lot of things. By the time this is all over we’ll have had taken a full electronics 101 course.

Today’s lesson is that even if a light comes on it doesn’t mean that a TV will transmit a signal.

The initial assessment of our basement TV problem was that we’d have to change the cable. Well today when the cable people came again to get us back in business it seems after digging deeper it’s not the cable at all. It’s some circuit in the TV!

Now we have to go back to insurance and explain all this.

Just as well it’s Friday. Ma can deal with most things on this day of the week.

I’ve got everything in hand.

I’m demonstrating great patience and understand why she’s a bit edgy. So I’m just going to sit and chill till she banters for me and then take her out for some fresh air.

Blessing # 835 – Illumination

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