Wagging Tail 172

The full moon woke us early. It was so big and bright.

Just as it should be for this special day for Chinese people like my bro. It’s the Moon Festival when everyone eats Moon Cakes.

I’d eat anything you give me Chinese or not especially when I’m feeling wolffish!

We got started on the trot soon after dawn as we’d been up since 5:30. It was really cold. Great for me as that chill in the air makes me feel Friskier than ever.

When we got back we did some chores and and a few errands and then it was time to go get my flu booster at the docs.

They sure are sweet and give me lots of treats if I’m brave which of course I am!

Brave and clever too. The noises in there were a bit freaky today.

I got right outta that place! Even if it means taking the drivers seat myself!

Blessing # 834 – One Shot Stop

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