Wagging Tail – 175

You know we had to get a new TV when the lightening fried the other one. Well all was going well with that until this morning.

Ma was just about to settle down with a coffee to watch the news when she accidentally hit the wrong button.

This TV is said to be « smart » well according to my Ma it is stupid. There are so many things to choose from it absolutely impossible to find the regular TV channels.

The anger was oozing out her. I thought she was going to bust a blood vessel.

She says she longs for the day when you turned on the TV and had the choice of three or four channels.

They all showed good programs. They were reliable. You knew what was on at what time everyday.

I took her out to calm her down and the bro helped too by rebooting the whole system.

She says her Mother’s old saying that “too much or anything is good for nothing” has never rung more true!

I’m just happy the box is not broken or I’d have to move to another kennel rather than just taking a chew under the table.

Blessing # 837 – Talky Taking

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