Wagging Tail – 176

This weekend was a bit hectic so today we pretended it was Sunday and took it as a day of rest.

It’s funny though that since it Monday and not Sunday Ma is feeling guilty about that beauty sleep this afternoon.

Why is that? Why do people feel uneasy for taking it easy?

Is it because they know there are things to be done? Window cleaning, vacuuming, dusting all that housework staring her straight in the face!

Well you see all this is a human predicament. Days don’t matter. Rest is good unless you’re letting a pal down.

A little shut eye builds strength and clears the mind and that prepares you well for all the week may bring.

So if you can’t sleep a little more on Sunday enjoy embracing Morpheus on Monday. After all look at what it’s done for me!

Blessing # 838 – Downtime

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