Wagging Tail – 178

I’ve been working all morning so am having my secretary write this before she goes out again. I plan to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

The project has definitely moved on since my last visit. The red awnings look fab.

The grass is all neat and tidy and we brought a few planters that Ma dumpster dived yesterday along with us to complement the facelift.

The place is teaming with discarded furniture that she’s bought on the cheap or pulled off the roadside. She considers herself an environmental angel. You can think of her as you wish as she has no shame.

The Public Health people are her heroes as they have given her the green light to proceed with the submission of her proposal for the kitchen area. It’s the size of a large kennel for my sort! Come to think of it I’ll need one of those when I work there!

Following my inspection of the seating arrangements I have concluded they are not up to my specifications as they either lack seats or are too hard and lumpy for one to comfortably recline on. Not to the standard to which I am accustomed.

All my hard work was rewarded though with a trip to the beach on the way home. It was swift as she was starving but very fine. I was thirsty so I guzzled a little eau du lac! Hope the Public Health people don’t get wind of that!

Not a soul around except us so I got to run free and chase a strange looking critter that squawks a lot. Looks funny flying too.

She says it’s a crane and they bring good luck. We’ll be needing as much of that as we can get! I’ll befriend it!

Blessing # 840– Job Satisfaction

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