Wagging Tail – 179

Thie morning on our way back from the park we met a few deer. Nothing unusual about that except one decided to stop and stare us out.

We stared straight back but then the beast started to stomp its foot. That gave us the heebee-jeebies. We backed off. Scary dude.

Ma took off to the project as soon as we returned to get the water switched on. I’m glad about that as it’s thirsty work keeping everything in check so I didn’t protest.

The trip should have taken her about ninety minutes but five hours later she was still away!

I changed the channels a few times as Dad only watches CNN and that’s as boring as can be but even Animal Planet can’t substitute for a good romp with Ma.

Eventually she returned with the car absolutely loaded.

She was playing musical chairs again while waiting for the water man and calculated the size of table that the biggest room could take!

Now here is the « you will not believe this moment » she found exactly what was needed, an eight foot table, in Goodwill on the way home. It’s now in pieces in the back of my car. The outcome I get squeezed yet again like a sausage in the front seat when we went for our evening trot to town!

I’m going to have to put my foot down just like a wild animal would do. I need my space.

Blessing # 841 – Deer Ones

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