Wagging Tail – 180

Today some special people were born. Not least among them was John Lennon.

He made up some good tunes that my Ma sings sometimes.

He’d have been eighty today. That’s old!

The best person ever born on this day though, according to my Mom, was my Granny. She crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017 so I never got to kiss her. If she’d been alive today she would have been 100! That is really really really old!

Seems she was the best Mom ever born. Just like I’m the best puppy ever born so we should have got along splendidly even though her preferred canines were stuffed.

Her favorite pet was my Mom although she was also partial to birds and would try to talk with them. That’s why my Mom got a great surprise this morning when we were out for my first job. A little bird made a noise just like my Granny would do!

Well we think it was a bird. It might have been a tweet from another winged being!

Blessing # 842 – Angel Voices

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